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James Davis a Keyboard player and vocalist from Australia...

James Davis  played in Raiding Party in the late eighties into the nineties, a party rock band playing covers and original songs. Raiding Party was formed in Newcastle Australia with Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe: vocals and guitar, James Davis: Keyboards and vocals, Brien McVernon: bass and vocals, Gary Wilson: drums, and Mark Tinson: bass. Later Gary Wilson was replaced on drums by Steve 'Mac' McLennan.

Raiding Party released their first single Loveland, which charted on the Australian National Charts followed by Til Love Makes Me Cry, recorded with Col Joy and produced by Mark S Berry. Raiding Party played over two hundred shows in a 12 month period, received multiple radio rotation on singles and moved from 38 to nine on the Newcastle Charts within a week.

Following Raiding Party James Davis joined the band Circus life with Brien McVernon: bass and vocals, Rick McCann: drums, Darren Brollo: drums, James Davis: keyboard and vocals, Graham Kent: guitar and Ken Jewel on guitar and vocals.

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